2024 Planning Amid Uncertainty with Kyle Golding – Build with BBB Podcast

“Unlock the secrets to a prosperous business future as BBB Accredited Business owner and business strategist, Kyle Golding of The Golding Group, shares in a vital discussion on the how-tos of effective business planning. The conversation promises to arm you with strategies for setting and achieving both profitability and growth. We dissect the importance of early-bird planning in Q3, setting lofty yet reachable goals, and the art of breaking these down into measurable objectives. Don’t miss out on tips to guide you through the importance of a SWOT analysis and tracking progress with KPIs, while ensuring you’re not just in your business but working on it to guarantee a lucrative year-end.”

“Peek behind the curtain of managing finances as if your business’s survival depends on it—because it does. Kyle shares the fine line between day-to-day operations and strategic oversight that can prevent the panic of cash flow crises.”

“Cap off your business toolkit with the underrated power of networking. Kyle shines a light on the impact of casual coffee meet-ups with fellow entrepreneurs, where cross-industry chit-chats can lead to groundbreaking ideas and open doors to new ventures.”

“We also offer some insight into navigating the uncertainties of an election year and the importance of being agile in the face of policy and economic changes. And we wrap things up by reaffirming the need for strategic planning, iterative business processes, and embracing the creative solutions that emerge from challenges—all with the backing of a supportive network. Join us for this episode and set the stage for a year of smashing business milestones with Kyle Golding.”

Listen to the episode here.

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