5 Part Series

A special 5-part #SaturdayMorningHustle podcast series specifically designed to clarify the confusion surrounding specific business terms and practices:

  • Marketing – the is a process for internal understanding before external communication actions. Marketing is knowing before you speak and creating a sustainable system of continual improvement through two-way communication. Marketing, which is NOT advertising, social media or other tactics. How can you best utilize marketing for your business, start-up, side hustle or personal brand? Listen to find out.
  • Mass Communication (including Advertising, Public Relations and Internal/External Communication) speaking into existence the vision of the marketing strategy via advertising, public relations, internal and external communication. All communication forms lead to the same end result: functional connection and interactions between your business and your audience.
  • Customer Service and Sales – now that we have attention, attraction, and a call to action (series episodes 1 and 2), what do we do next? Begin a sales transaction focusing on Customer Service before, during and after the conversion process. Replace traditional sales with a dedication to providing customer service. Go beyond a single sale to repeatable, sustainable, predictable and bankable sales while building a solid reputation and creating brand ambassadors (the best sales tool ever).
  • Business Development – “Biz Dev” is NOT the simple idea of developing leads for sales. Instead, business development is improving your business by developing systems to maximize effectiveness and efficiency. Every aspect of a business (internal and external) can be improved, reviewed and improved again. Why is that important? There are 2 ways to create profitability. 1: Creating efficiency (lower internal cost). 2: Driving sales (more cash flow from external customers). Internal efficiency is much more controllable and won’t interfere with customer experience or expectations.
  • Business Process Management (BPM) of the previous elements as a collaborative system – BPM is an absolute dedication to the continual improvement of everything that makes up your business. BPM creates the opportunity for constant improvement via communication, measurement and adjustment of internal and external processes. These improvements translate to efficiency in developing, creating, and delivering products and/or services. The potential benefits are lower cost to produce, fasters delivery/turn times, lower overhead, better profit margins, agility, multiple levels of leadership, consistent potential for growth and a positive attitude of innovation.

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