How To Write A Strategic Plan

In this Strategy Review, we conducted an audit and update of the audience member’s current business strategy plus answered questions about the strategic planning process for start-ups and existing businesses. Everyone needs to keep their strategy and tactics updated to maximum effectiveness.

The audience was business owners, decision-makers and entrepreneurs who have not created a big-picture strategy for their business OR haven’t revisited or adjusted their strategy since first going into business.

Soon after we started the How To Write A Strategic Plan talk at The Treasury OKC last Friday, OKC-FD asked us to vacate the building due to a gas leak nearby. Before we were asked to leave the building, we discussed lots of great tips on the differences between a business plan and a strategic plan, how to get started crafting a strategy and the most common mistakes start-ups and small businesses make in the strategic process. Here is the content (before the fire department intervened) and some of the audience questions.