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The #SaturdayMorningHustle podcast is for entrepreneurs, hustlers, business owners, creative professionals, or anyone trying to go above and beyond in their career. If you work hard for yourself or someone else to create success, this is the podcast for you. If you’re launching/running a startup, a self-brand (influencer, coach, artist/musicians, etc.) or corporate climber, you can apply the ideas and tactics I discuss.

I try to provide practical advice along with motivation without sugarcoating the truth. Being successful is hard, a lot of work and often can be frustrating. It helps to know you’re not alone in the process.

Talk About What You Do In the Right Way #SaturdayMorningHustle #SaturdayMorningHustle Podcast

There's no worse regret than "I didn't know you did that." "I didn't know I could hire you for that." You have to tell people what you do for your job and profession, how you get paid, how you create value for others and how you help people with your professional services or products if it's something you genuinely believe in. This is not a sales pitch or a conversion process. This is not ABC "Always Be Closing". This is a value conversation, which is much better. Be brave enough to advocate for yourself, your business or brand. If you don't do it for yourself, no one else will. Talk about what you do or what you're working on casually, in an informational way. Be bold and talk about your business or side hustle. Talk about your goals. Talk about your band, art or social media account you're trying to build. Talk about a new degree you're working on because you want to change your career. Talk about things you want to do, get people involved, get people invested. Create relationships and then go from there with a potential for success. You know me, I'm Kyle Golding. I'm not just the guy behind the Saturday Morning Hustle. I'm also the CEO and Chief Strategic Idealist for The Golding Group, an award-winning think tank of strategic planning, business process management, integrated marketing and public relations consultants. We work with your leadership team to develop strategy, determine the most effective action plans, then execute and measure. We create processes, systems and protocols that can be measured, adjusted and repeated by incorporating data analysis, market trends and audience feedback in a two-way conversation. Tell people what it is you do. Tell people how it's different than other options. Tell them the value that you create. Tell them the audience you're looking for. Tell them who gets the best value out of your product or service, how you want to serve them, how you want to create for them, connect with them, build business relationships, etc… Explain these things to people, but not in a sales pitch. Don't try to sell it directly to them. Just tell friends, tell family, tell casual acquaintances. When you're networking or at a holiday event, when you meet someone and they ask, "What did you do for a living?" don't just say you're in accounting, legal, medical, business, consulting, etc… Tell them "I own a business; this is what we do. This is whom we serve." If the person listening finds value in that, you might have an opportunity, but they also might know someone or refer someone to your business. If you're going to be in business, if you're going to be a self-brand, if you're going to be a hustler, grinder or an entrepreneur, you got to be comfortable telling people who you are, what you do, the value you create, what's distinct about your business, what's good about doing business with you, why people should pay attention, why they should trust you. You have to be comfortable talking about it, not promotionally, not trying to make money, but being confident in what you do by connecting with people. Try to build relationships that eventually could lead to a business transaction. Put things in the correct order. Be confident. Be willing to do it for yourself, your business and your future success. Let's talk about it on the SMH podcast today! It's Saturday. I'm in the office. This is the Saturday Morning Hustle podcast. Listen while your competition is still sleeping. ⁠⁠⁠⁠https://bit.ly/ListenToSMH — Send in a voice message: https://podcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/satmorninghustle/message
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