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Disrupting Business and Education with Anthropology Strategic Growth Podcast

Our special guest on this episode is Suzette Chang, Founder and Executive Director of Thick Descriptions This non-profit organization disrupts traditional education to help humans thrive where they are, building better communities. How are they doing that? Through the application of anthropological processes. This can also apply to business in numerous ways such as innovation, protocol development, corporate culture, etc. Let's talk about it. Listen/Stream/Watch/Subscribe at
  1. Disrupting Business and Education with Anthropology
  2. Embracing Change + New Office and Podcast Studio Update
  3. Brand Involvement In Social Issues
  4. How To Avoiding Quiet Quitting And Quiet Firing
  5. Social Analytics For Crisis Communications
  6. Business Process Management
  7. Ethics Pop Quiz Bonus Episode
  8. Maximize Decency and Civility To Build Trust
  9. Everyone Wants To Be A Gangster, until…
  10. Listening Is The Most Important Skill

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