Surviving Humanity Podcast

“Doing the right thing is always the right thing. Doing it when it’s hard is even more important.” My interview episode on the Surviving Humanity Podcast is LIVE now on Apple Podcast, Spotify and YouTube.

Episode Summary:

• Kyle Golding was faced with an ethical dilemma when his boss asked him to produce an advertising campaign promoting a calcium supplement as a potential cancer cure, despite evidence having been debunked of this in 1935.

• Facing no support from the marketing director, head of legal, or CEO, he chose to leave the company and found a new job with a much better boss who taught him about business ethics.

• This experience taught Kyle to prioritize ethical decisions over taking shortcuts for quick financial gain when doing business and building relationships.

• He believes that society needs to focus on building relationships and creating value instead of chasing quick fame or money, which will ultimately benefit everyone in the long run.

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