I am a big-picture professional with a diverse skill set and background that includes launching startups, managing businesses, co-founding a non-profit organization and consulting with top business leaders across multiple industries nationwide. For the past 12 years, I have specifically focused on collaborating with leadership teams to provide growth solutions centered around strategic planning, business process management and integrated marketing.

• Audience Identification and Development
• Brand Development
• Business Process Management
• Change Management
• Content Creation and Distribution
• Competitive Analysis
• Corporate Culture
• Crisis Communication
• Graphic Design and Art Direction
• Integrated Marketing Planning and Execution
• Internal and External Communication
• Leadership Development and Training
• Market Research and Analysis
• New Market Development
• Omni Channel Marketing
• Podcast and Video Production
• Pricing Strategy
• Product Development
• Public Relations
• SEO, PPC and E-Commerce
• Social Media Campaigns
• Strategic Planning
• Tactic Execution and Measurement
• Team Building, Training and Mentoring
• Trend Analysis
• Website Development

The Golding Group

For more than a decade, The Golding Group has been building, improving and scaling businesses from the inside out. We achieve success for our clients by focusing on Market Position, Audience Development, Sales Strategy, Systemization and Internal/External Communication.

The Golding Group is an award-winning think tank of strategic planning, business process management, integrated marketing and public relations experts. We develop strategies, determine the most effective action plans, then execute them. We create marketing that can be measured, adjusted and then repeated by incorporating data trends, best practices and audience feedback in a two-way conversation.

The Golding Group offers full-service marketing, business development and communication expertise, execution and measurement. We identify opportunities to attract the right audience and convert attention into conversations.

Business Process Management

Business Process Management (BPM) is a strategic approach to aligning company workflow, procedures, communication and human assets (talents) to create the most effective, efficient and manageable systems for sustainable business growth and longevity.

Strategic Planning

Just like a carpenter needs a hammer or accountants need calculators, a well-thought-out strategy is a business essential. It’s not enough to write out a “wish list” of things you hope to accomplish. You need to create a working document based on market factors and economic viability.


You can’t take a message to the world until you know what that message should be. The Golding Group has tremendous experience creating successful, award-winning and highly effective marketing campaigns for non-profits. We can plan your marketing to increase impact and promote growth.

Project Management

Have you ever heard this in a staff meeting: “We need to do that, we just don’t have the time or we don’t have the right person for that project” and realized you need additional help? The Golding Group knows how to manage time, talent and resources to complete your projects on time and on budget.

Crisis Communication

Crisis communications protocols (not static plans) aid quick responses + clear thinking in pressure situations to mitigate (or reduce) potential public relations damage. Contact us to begin developing your Crisis Communications protocols. Let us work for you to manage the current public health crisis.

Public Relations

There are many ways your business can communicate with your target market, with other business leaders or with the community as a whole. PR is more than just sending a press release to the local newspaper when your business has a new product or hires a new employee.