Unspoken Woman Book Project

I’m proud to announce the launch of the limited edition Unspoken Woman coffee table book by artist Ronna Pernell available for purchase now online at www.UnspokenWoman.com and in the gift shop of Oklahoma Contemporary art museum.

I had the privilege of collaborating with Pernell on the book layout, content editing, cover design and offset printing in 2021. In addition, we continue our working relationship as her public relations and media representatives.

The book is an extension of the Unspoken Woman art collection created by Ronna Pernell in 2015. We partnered with Pernell on the launch event of the collection held at the Oklahoma State Capital North Gallery which included state and local VIPS, hundreds of art community guests and greeters in traditional African apparel. The exhibit event was an interactive audio/visual experience utilizing smartphones to play recorded narratives via QR Codes of each piece of art on display.

1 comment on “Unspoken Woman Book Project”

  1. Ronna Pernell Reply

    I am so grateful to be able to collaborate on this project
    And your continued support. You keep us inspired with your knowledge and visions, Most times you see a bigger than we see . I believe in all your positivity.
    Thank you so much
    Artist Ronna Pernell 😊❤️

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