#MarketingMonday Sample Trailer

Session #2 is on 3/12/18: Marketing Plans- “Every business needs a marketing strategy and execution plan. A well-developed, scrutinized plan committed in writing and shared with all in the organization in order to be effective, efficient and successful. But how do you get started? You start with what you have in place, what you know right now and what you’re currently doing for marketing, advertising, public relations, customer service and sales communication. Bring all your current assets, ideas and plans (as simple as an outline, or a fully prepared professional document) with you on March 12th for the next #MarketingMonday discussion about how to write and edit your new marketing strategy for 2018. We will work through the process together to help everyone achieve a more complete planning and execution document for your business.” Presented by the NW OKC Chamber of Commerce, Sandler Training and The Golding Group.